About Me

Hello, my name is Audra! I hold a B.S. from Western Oregon University in Speech Communications with a minor in Health and Fitness. I hold a MScN degree from National University of Natural Medicine with a strong focus on medical nutrition therapy, herbal medicine and holistic healing. My experience includes a clinical nutrition rotation at NUNM and a nutrition internship working with special needs clients in a group home setting. 


I have a beautiful daughter who experiences multiple special needs, including a feeding tube. I have been using a whole food, organic, blenderized diet for her since 2007. During that time I have also weaned her off of all regularly scheduled pharmaceuticals and have successfully substituted natural options. The medical journey I have been on with her has offered me a multitude of experiential knowledge in medical care and conditions. 

I have also been a certified group fitness instructor for the last 9 years teaching Group Groove, Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo, Turbokick and Insanity. I love coaching my clients in health and wellness and I believe in food as medicine.

Additionally, I have been a police and fire dispatcher and emergency medical call taker for the last 11 years, as well as a Tactical Combat Casualty Care instructor for police officers for the last 7, and a First Aid/CPR instructor for 17 years.

My combined trainings, experience, and certifications in health and medical related fields, have lead me on a very passionate journey to maintain and manage health with food, natural supplementation, spirituality and movement.


I am incredibly passionate about sharing the gift of health with all people; those seeking optimal health and those with complicated medical needs.  

Love, Audra

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