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Learn to trust yourself and your partner again to find more peace and joy in life and relationship!

~ $599 per Couple


Available through 09/14~Code: WORM @checkout!

Reduce tension and conflict in coupled relationships with this course designed to bridge the gap between partners and reduce the stress that food and body image plays in intimate relationships.

Simultaneously improve your own relationship with food and your body!

Completing this course will:


  • Replace nagging and complaining about what you/they "should" or "shouldn't" eat with understanding, support and peace.

  • Stop policing "good" and "bad" food for each other and create trust and enjoyment.

  • Stop triggering each other with comments and questions about food and body, improving communication and understanding.

  • Feel more confident in your own body, decision making around food and movement and create a peaceful and joy filled partnership with your chosen love!

6 Week Series

Thursdays @6pm- Online



Ian Rubin, MA- Creator of Food Story Coaching and a sought after coach and wellness expert, coach educator and mentor.

His interest and research surrounding food culture, combined with his ability to consider the psycho, spiritual and emotional forces that are the intersection of our wellness choices, brings a unique perspective that creates real breakthroughs for his clients!

Audra Marsh, MScN, MNT, NLP- Holistic nutritionist, focusing on the psychology of food in women. She is an expert food relationship and mindset coach and a luxury retreat facilitator changing the map to wellness from guilt, shame and diet culture to peace, joy, love, fun and TRUE wellness.

Her noteworthy approach using conscious awareness and neurolinguistic programming to heal the impacts of trauma, cultural and familial programming and standards, food systems, body diversity and limiting beliefs is changing her clients' lives!

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