Food as the Ultimate Medicine

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Custom Blended Diet- Blenderized diets designed for clients requiring pureed or liquid meals. Medically complex patients with feeding tubes are welcome!

Pantry and Grocery Shopping Consultations- Looking to overhaul your pantry to achieve a healthier lifestyle? This service includes a consultation on what is currently in your pantry and what you might consider adding or changing. Guided shopping trips are also available!

Private Cooking Classes- One on one instruction in your home kitchen. Learn how to cook and meal prep and be challenged to try new foods and cooking styles!

Medical Nutrition Therapy- If you have received a specific diet recommendation from your primary care provider and are seeking guidance for implementation, I am here to help!

Functional Nutrition- If you are looking to improve the innate function of your body and wish to reduce your risk for disease and minimize or eliminate your need for prescriptions, this type of nutrition looks at what your body needs for optimal health through food!


Personalized Meal and Exercise Plans- Personalized specifically for you to meet your unique goals, lifestyle and address specific barriers to success. Plans contain recipes and grocery lists. This service combines nicely with in home cooking classes!

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Food Relationship and Body Image Coaching- This is a unique approach to the psychology behind our eating habits and how we view ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you know what you "should" and "shouldn't" be eating, but still struggle, and then in turn feel guilty? Food relationship coaching is a new and life-changing approach to lifestyle change that is highly effective! Visit your food story, intuitive eating and develop a new love for yourself and motivation for your journey with this holistic approach to change!

*Check the Group Services Page if you prefer to work with others!

Meal Prep- When you are just too busy to follow your meal plan, but you are committed! This service provides you with meals prepped in your own kitchen while you are away at work or play! Recipes and shopping lists will be provided for your future use!

$75 per hour.

*Rate does not include the cost of your groceries

*Prepping for highly restrictive or medically complex cases will require additional charge

Standard hourly rate for medically complex cases is $150. All other services are billed at $125 per hour.

Initial Consults are 2 hours long.

Package discounts are available! 

Please contact Audra to discuss a custom plan for you!

NOTE* I am not a physician and I do not diagnose medical conditions or offer recommendations for prescription medication changes. Any changes in prescriptions should be done through a consultation with your prescribing provider. Medical Nutrition Therapy must be collaborative with your provider. ND referrals available.



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