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My Mission

To love, inspire and promote quality of life and optimal health and true wellness through a holistic approach. I encompass an approach that includes science based, whole food nutrition, herbal remedies, plant medicine, movement, self-love, food psychology, food relationship and spirituality.

Principles and Beliefs

I support whole food, organic and sustainable nutrition for ALL people. I believe in proactive vs reactive healthcare. I believe all humans have the right to access healthy, delicious food and compassionate, integrated healthcare with equity. I believe in treating the source of the problem and not focusing on the symptoms. I believe the body is a complete system and has the incredible ability to heal itself, given the right conditions. I believe that science alone cannot answer all elements of humanity, and I believe in food as the ultimate medicine. My mission is to be an ambassador for these truths and to love and support each person who reaches out to me for help, with acceptance and an open mind. I commit to meeting you right where you are, so that we can walk your unique path together. May we eat well, love abundantly and live fully nourished!


I lovingly and gratefully welcome all clients regardless of race, country of origin, age, ability level, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, body size, past personal history, religion or any other quality you have previously experienced as a barrier. I stand with you. You are safe here.

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