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New Year Resolutions vs Intentions

If you have spent time working with me, you know we spend a lot of time noticing the feelings, and often subconscious meanings of words and how they affect our wellness outcomes.

Words have POWER! If you are new to this it might feel a little like splitting hairs and another ridiculous millennial approach steeped in over-sensitvity... I invite you to tap into how you FEEL in your BODY and be open to the slightest perspective shift.

The shift just might offer you a new kind of peace and understanding. As always, take what resonates with you and leave the rest!

Today I want to investigate the standard setting of "New Year's Resolution" vs setting "New Year's Intentions."



Resolutions can be identified "as a course of action with firm determination to do or not do something."

There is little leeway provided to move or shift the goal as life unfolds. These resolutions often focus on what is "wrong" with us. This method can lead to guilt and shame when deviation occurs and deviation most often registers as failure, laziness and weakness. This can feed into a lack of self worth and ultimately does not contribute to long term positive change. #newyearsresolution



Intentions are a commitment to align ourselves with our values and purpose. It allows for methods and approaches to shift as life unfolds and as our ultimate direction reveals itself.

Intentions are self directed and purposeful. They come from within and give a feeling of being energized, fulfilled and in balance. These are developed from a place within and not as a result of "shoulds," and to fulfill the expectations of others. #newyearsintentions



Words hold different meanings for different people and it's for you to decide if these definitions resonate with you. No matter what word you choose to use, I hope the definition you hold will be one of purpose that brings you #peace, #grace, #selflove and nourishes your #mindbodyandsoul #nourishyourself




How do you want to be living, feeling or contributing to yourself, family and your community? What healthy changes can you make to support this?


What are you gaining? Focus on positive goals as opposed to negative goals.


Negative: I will lose x pounds.

Positive: I will move my body daily to support it in finding its healthy size.


What are you READY, WILLING AND ABLE to do. Your goals may be BIG, good for you! Climb the mountain one step at a time! Set specific intentions that are realistic and sustainable. One. Step. At. A. Time! ALL progress counts!


Celebrate EVERY SINGLE VICTORY! Even the tiniest wins. CELEBRATE them ALL! Each day and week list the positive decisions and changes you have made. Life is a beautiful journey to enjoy every step of the way. We will always be traveling in this life, so ENJOY!


Leave space for adjustments and be gentle with yourself. If your intentions have shifted, or are not working, reach out for support, reevaluate and recharge. If you are aligned with your values and purpose, and act of those principles, you will energize your spirit!

~Audra Marsh, MScN, MNT

Eat Love Nourish with Audra


Audra is a holistic nutritionist specializing in food relationship coaching and female empowerment. If you would like to learn more about how language and perspective can change your relationship with food and empower you in every aspect of your life, get to know Audra by visiting her webpage at

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