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Let’s Ramen!!

Enjoy cooking instruction, a nutritional lesson and dinner with friends in the comfort of your home! 


Host/Hostess’ Delight Ramen Party

Have your guests just show up and enjoy! Nothing to bring or forget! 

  • Pay for your guests or set up as a friends night and each friend can pay individually to Audra. No collecting money on your part!

  • All of the groceries for your party shopped for and delivered at the time of your party.

  • Pre-prepped, authentic, organic bone broth (24 hour cook time), organic chicken and organic produce, providing the best quality control!

  • Pre-party kitchen set up.

  • Cutting boards and chef knives for guest participation.

  • Hands on cooking instruction and nutritional tips for you and your guests on party day.

  • Printed packet for each guest including bone broth recipe, ramen recipe and grocery shopping list for future use.

  • Travel time included within 20 miles of Dallas.

  • Weekends and evenings available.




*Recommended guest list size depends on your personal space and how much individualized, hands-on experience and education each guest would like.

*Beverages are not included.

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