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Women's Wellness Retreat
Guatemala 2022

March 31st- April 7th


This experience is designed to offer you pure luxury, to spoil you, to honor your feminine power and to uncover your truest self. This space will remove every limiting barrier for one week to create an incredible opportunity for the best YOU to emerge! 


Our gorgeous home is in the mountains about a 30 minute drive to Antigua. It is located in an exclusive, gated community that is attended 24 hours a day for your safety.
Enjoy daily house keeping, fresh flowers, on site spa services, pool time, evening parties, music, meditation, yoga, private sessions with Audra, mountain views with exploding volcanoes, attentive staff and so much more! Enjoy this time to attend only to yourself and your personal growth!


This epic wellness retreat is the culmination of my personal journey, training and growth with nourishing my body, self love, feminine power and big dreams! I designed this retreat very intentionally to attend to your every need so you can tune into yourself and be cared for fully and tenderly!

If you feel like you know what to do nourish your body, you understand nutrition and movement, but you don't know why you struggle to implement and sustain habit changes in your life, this retreat is for you!

Food is a reflection of life, so while it's about food, it's actually not about food at all! This is about our relationship with food and self.

What we don't need is more motivation, discipline or scientific information! The answer comes when we tap into our feminine intuition and uncover a deep knowing and passionate love for self. Join me to practice adopting a gentle, supportive, sweet and loving approach to nourishing our bodies! When we honor ourselves in this way, we show up in the world as QUEENS!

I traveled to this incredible place by myself, in the middle of COVID. I needed introspection in the changing world. I planned to stay for 2 weeks and fell in love. I stayed 2 more weeks and I knew I would come back.


Amidst erupting volcanoes and flourishing rainforests I slowed down, created relationships with locals, cooked, ate, slept, meditated and hiked. I discovered a deep knowing and understanding that this land was magic! I developed and unshakeable desire to share this healing with other women.


This journey isn’t for everyone, it’s for the woman who is ready to be bold and fearless. She finds herself  on the verge of leveling up. She's been laying the groundwork, growing, dreaming and rising up! She knows her next step is consequential for change. She needs something big and beautiful because she is ready to create audacious and life changing expansion! She wants something...something more... and she can't shake the feeling. She knows a lot of things intellectually and now she is ready to own that knowledge and make it part of the way she shows up for herself and the world.


Are you her? If so, YOU are being CALLED to these mountains!



"El Corazon de Guatemala" the heart of Guatemala... an absolutely gorgeous city boasting incredibly beautiful, ancient buildings and rich history. The people are friendly, the food is delicious and I have no doubt you will fall in love! Included in your retreat is a day trip to Antigua with a walking tour. You will also have a private driver available to take you to town on other days during your free time, if you choose.

Each room boasts it's own private bathroom with shower and windows for incredible natural light. The master suite has a sitting area, bathtub and indoor/outdoor shower! The apartment has a bedroom, living room and private bathroom.

You may choose to share one of our rooms with 2 queen beds and 1 private bathroom for you and your friend!

Click Here for more info on rooms.

We have hired private drivers that we know and trust for your airport pick up and departure as well as your excursions and shopping trips to Antigua. This is all included in your package price!

Yoga and Meditation

Private Chef

Spa Services

A private chef will be on site to prepare all of your meals and snacks each day. Our food will be locally sourced, gorgeous, delicious and nourishing for both your body and soul!

Daily gentle yoga and meditation for intention setting, relaxation and tuning into your beautiful body. Fully engage in exercise or take a nap on your mat and reconnect with yourself and nature. This is a space to leave every worry and responsibility behind for, 8 days, while you dig into what makes your soul sing! Leave ready to continue on this life with purpose and true, deep happiness and satisfaction.

Your stay includes two, 1 hour massages or two, 1 hour spa services of your choice. Services will be performed right on site so you can rest after your treatment!

If you are ready to invest and bet on yourself, to connect with sacred land and powerful women, to stop looking elsewhere for what you “need” and to stop considering “shoulds” to make decisions, and instead, trust, own and relish the power within, trust and listen to your intuition, truly nourish and love your body and FREE yourself, book a complimentary call with me today!

Exclusive Dinner at Uuumahmi


Classes with Audra

Included is a day trip hiking the famous Pacaya Volcano. This is an active volcano and you can roast marshmallows on the lava rocks at the top! This is a challenging hike but the views are worth it!

Alternatively, you may visit Iximche. These are Mayan ruins that are in a beautiful area and an easy stroll if you prefer a less strenuous day.

Private dinner at the home of an acclaimed chef and architect in Antigua at the exclusive Uuumahmi. Juan is an architect by profession and chef by night. He has impeccably designed his home and opens it on an exclusive basis for private, four course meals. Enjoy this at the end of your Antigua day.

This is an experience you will never forget!

Daily classes on food relationship, intuitive eating, self love and female empowerment. Tune into your feminine energy and intuition. Learn to trust your desires and innate knowing. Clear the noise while you rediscover and reconnect with yourself on a deeper level!

What do YOU want, what do YOU REALLY WANT... no more should's, or external's just fabulous you this week. Optional 1:1 sessions with Audra during free time.


Personalized Gifts


Optional cooking classes are included with Audra. Learn to cook delicious food in a nourishing way. Food is meant to be indulgent, enjoyed and nourish your mind, body AND soul!

Surprise gifts especially for you and your journey here in Guatemala. I promise they will be beautiful and you will cherish them for years to come! Leave room in your suitcase!

All gratuity is included. There is no need to provide extra gratuity. I believe in paying people fair wages and appreciating good service. I will be offering our staff a generous gratuity and not the minimum. Please let me know if you have staff favorites! We would not be able to have this experience without their dedication!

Giving Back

So Much More

10% of all profits from this retreat will go back to the community. Here in Guatemala most children with special needs are placed in an orphanage. The catholic church does their best to care for these little beauties through a program called Asociacion Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, but funds are limited. Mobility, as you will see when you visit, is challenging for anyone with disabilities. Thank you for helping me support this community!

Connect with other amazing, powerful women consciously investing in themselves and their happiness. Something amazing and beautiful happens when feminine energy comes together to lift one another to the next level. Connect with those who are ready to support you and see the real you! The energy will be life changing!


Say YES more often!

Click Here to see available accommodation choices and all-inclusive retreat pricing.

This wellness retreat of a lifetime has invitations available for 11 select women to experience fun, freedom and fearlessness!
I can't wait to connect with you and have you meet me in Guatemala!

What's not Included?

  • Airfare is not included. Please purchase your ticket to fly into Guatemala City, Guatemala. Let me know what time you will arrive so I can schedule your driver.

    • As the time approaches, I will email you with recommendations for flights.

  • Spending money for shopping.

  • Optional 1:1 Spanish Tutoring

  • If you would like to extend your stay, I am happy to help you!

Click here for answers to common questions.

Click Here to book a complimentary phone consult with Audra. Let's connect and see if extending an invitation to this retreat is a good fit! 

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