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Women's Wellness Retreat
Guatemala 2022

March 31st- April 7th


This experience is designed to offer you pure luxury, to spoil you, to honor your feminine power and to uncover your truest self. This space will remove every limiting barrier for one week to create an incredible opportunity for the best YOU to emerge! 


Our gorgeous home is in the mountains about a 30 minute drive to Antigua. It is located in an exclusive, gated community that is attended 24 hours a day for your safety.
Enjoy daily house keeping, fresh flowers, on site spa services, pool time, evening parties, music, meditation, yoga, private sessions with Audra, mountain views with exploding volcanoes, attentive staff and so much more! Enjoy this time to attend only to yourself and your personal growth!


This epic wellness retreat is the culmination of my personal journey, training and growth with nourishing my body, self love, feminine power and big dreams! I designed this retreat very intentionally to attend to your every need so you can tune into yourself and be cared for fully and tenderly!

If you feel like you know what to do nourish your body, you understand nutrition and movement, but you don't know why you struggle to implement and sustain habit changes in your life, this retreat is for you!

Food is a reflection of life, so while it's about food, it's actually not about food at all! This is about our relationship with food and self.

What we don't need is more motivation, discipline or scientific information! The answer comes when we tap into our feminine intuition and uncover a deep knowing and passionate love for self. Join me to practice adopting a gentle, supportive, sweet and loving approach to nourishing our bodies! When we honor ourselves in this way, we show up in the world as QUEENS!