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Cooking Class




6 Week Nutrition Class








This 6 week course takes your food game to the next level! Class includes materials, lecture and hands on instruction, as well as dinner each night!

Weekly Topics:


Week 1: Introduction to Nutrition, Supplements and Vitamins ~Basic introduction to whole food nutrition, my holistic approach and venturing into knife and kitchen skills. We will also discuss what vitamins and supplements might be warranted for optimal nutrition and function.


Week 2: Carbohydrates and Sweeteners ~Explore the Macro nutrients carbohydrates, how many should you have what kind, what kinds? Sweeteners- is there a difference between natural and synthetic sugars? Can I have sweeteners and how much?


Week 3: Fats and Proteins ~Discover the Macro nutrients of fats and proteins. How much should you consume? Which are high quality and low quality?


Week 4: Organics, GMO’s and Conventional Foods ~Are organic foods better for you and why? What are GMO’s and should I care? How do all these options compare to conventional foods?


Week 5: Reading Labels, Shopping and Superfoods ~Learn to read labels and make great choices at the grocery store. While your shopping, what superfoods can you incorporate into your list?


Week 6: Popular Diets (and terms)- Are they right for you? ~Overview of the anti-inflammatory diet, specific carbohydrate diet, keto, whole 30, Mediterranean, Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, Weight Watchers, Plant Based.    
















































Nutritional Cooking

Anti Inflammatory Diet Workshop








Come join Audra for a 2 hour nutritional workshop on the Anti-Inflammatory Diet! Learn what foods promote and reduce inflammation and end the night cooking and eating a delicious meal! 

The anti-inflammatory diet is beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain, allergies, Alzheimer's, cancer, gout, Chron's, IBS,  heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, depression, ulcerative colitis and more! 
This class open to anyone! Price includes meal.

anti inflam class.jpg
Healthy Food

Jump start your wellness with a healthier keto!

Learn the benefits and concerns associated with keto! How long is it safe to practice keto? Should I really just eat meat all the time? What health concerns are indicated and contraindicated for keto? How many carbs can I really have? Are carbs really that bad?? How does keto work?

Keto is "all the rage" right now, but contrary to what social media would have us believe, healthy keto isn't just eating bacon and cheese for the rest of our days.

Come get all your answers about keto and leave empowered to jump start your wellness journey!

We will cook a delicious, plant based keto meal at the end of the evening!

Eating a Meal

Start a new relationship with food that honors your intuition

This is a food psychology class that investigates our relationship with food and our body's innate ability to know how to heal and nourish itself.

Let go of guilt and shame, should's and should haves, and identifying food as good and bad. Investigate subconscious programming and conscious awareness, learn to know the difference between cravings and hunger, nourishment and self medication... find a happier, more confident you and improve your relationship with food and love for yourself!

We will end this evening enjoying a nourishing treat and making vision boards that honor our bodies and bring a sense of balance and hope to our souls!

Beauty Cream

Learn to make your own moisturizing body butter and healing salve!


Join this fun, hands on class and learn to make moisturizing body butter and healing salve at home that is free of chemicals and preservatives! We will be using organic and wildcrafted ingredients including herbs and essential oils. 


This class includes:

~Your own customized, luxurious body butter! You pick the scent and composition to nourish your skin and promote a glowing, youthful appearance!

~Your own skin healing salve. Amazing for irritated skin, rashes, tattoo and wound healing, psoriasis and chapped skin!

**Thank you for understanding that tickets are not refundable, but are 100% transferable to someone you love!

Healthy Breakfast

In this class we will learn how to balance our blood sugar and what causes insulin resistance (sometimes called metabolic syndrome)... which eventually leads to type II diabetes.

You will leave with easy, every day tools to keep your blood sugar in check and a better understanding of the "why" behind the strategies offered by your provider.

A discussion of intermittent fasting will also clear up the mystery of this popular approach and show how it can help keep your blood sugar balanced. You will leave feeling confident in creating your own individual IF plan and be on the right track to stay get and/or stay diabetes free!

We will cook and enjoy a meal together at the end of the night. Price is all inclusive and open to anyone!

Food Relationship and Body Image Coaching








This is a unique approach to the psychology behind our eating habits and how we view ourselves. Have you ever wondered why you know what you "should" and "shouldn't" be eating, but still struggle, and then in turn feel guilty? Food relationship coaching is a new and life-changing approach to that is highly effective and sustainable! Start your own group with friends and visit your food story, intuitive eating and develop a new love for yourself. Along the way you will find motivation for your journey with this holistic approach to change!

Fitness Ladies

Private Parties with Friends and Group Coaching

Cooking Parties

Get your friends together for a cooking demonstration and delicious eats! A great way to host your friends for a dinner party without all of the work! Free for hostesses! and $45 per person for 10 guests. Choose from ramen night, Summer Thai, Winter Thai, Anti-inflammatory, Gluten Free, Plant Based or any other theme you can imagine! Contact Audra directly to book!


Classes Available:

  • Ramen Night 

  • Thai Cooking

  • Seasonal Cooking

  • Specific Dietary Consideration ie:Gluten Free, Keto, Dairy Free, Vegan etc

  • Custom Classes


Coming Soon!! ***Authentic Vietnamese Pho***

*Groceries for events are not included and vary depending on your custom menu! You can choose to do your own grocery shopping with a provided list.

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